Ferrasium, Book 1 of the Windflowers Trilogy, a fantasy novel by Wendy Scott

Ferrasium, Book 1 of the Windflowers Trilogy. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009AKHJPA

Kalli's fight for survival begins when the Priesthood uncovers her talent for forbidden magic. Thrust into their killing arena she's forced to fight or die. No one has ever escaped from the Ferrasium, but Kalli knows she must or her younger sister will face the same fate.


Excerpt –

 The night's silence shattered as metal cogs cranked the arena gate open. Flaming torches bounced waves of shadows and light across the path ahead and the guard jabbed the blunt end of his spear into Kalli's back and said, "Move."

     She staggered down the tunnel; grasping her stomach, vomit swirling in her belly like a volcano. Bitterness scalded her tongue and she gulped to clear the rancid taste of the priest's concoction, believing the guard's threat to force fed her more of the vile drug if she dared to be sick.

     The guard shoved her into the arena, and as she tumbled through the opening he snagged a handful of her shift. The cloth ripped, leaving her sprawled naked in the dust. Behind her the gate slammed shut.


Editorial review - "I'm half way through Ferrasium. In trouble with the family, forgot to feed the chooks, didn't cook tea and I'm running late for work! Can't put it down!" AM


Ferrasium is a fast paced fantasy adventure with romantic elements and contains adult themes. The setting is inspired by Ancient Egypt.

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