Oceanheart, YA fantasy - Pen Clements

Free 1/28/2013-2/1/2013

I crewed a yacht across the South Pacific many years ago and this story was waiting to be written ever since. 

Wynn sits beside the bed of her dying sister and writes in a journal. She has no idea that the journal is enchanted and is about to sweep her into a tropical island world of crystal seas, deep jungle and strange inhabitants. This is no island paradise, however. Paradise doesn't have poison masters called the Teeth and it doesn't have Sorrowmaker patrolling the reef.

If Wynn can find the 'Oceanheart' she may save the island and her sister too. But the islanders don't trust her, the Teeth are after her and she's just not sure about Soran. Is he a friend, one who reads nature like a book and can help her survive anything? Or is he something else entirely?

If she is to succeed, Wynn must travel deep inside herself and find qualities she never knew were there. And all the while, Sorrowmaker sweeps endlessly closer in a childhood nightmare made real.

Winner - Australian Society of Authors Mentorship Award 

Winner - Olvar Wood Fellowship Award.

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