First Taste of Bacardi - an erotic first time lesbian tale by Charden Wood

Bacardi Sullivan is more than just the lusty 30 year-old bisexual woman who Anna meets on a telephone dating line.  From the very First Taste of Bacardi (first book in the series), to Hung Over From Bacardi (last book currently available), the real Bacardi Sullivan becomes unveiled.  This intriguing tale of sexual seduction, intimidation and blackmail begins with Anna's longing to taste a woman's juices; a desire that ultimately ends in a three-way sexual ambush, secret video taping, stalking and a lot of other related sexcapades.

You can count on author Charden Wood's Bacardi series for lots of raw and gritty sexual imagery.  This is definitely not an erotica series with flowery and romantic love scenes.  Enjoy the same fast pace, and witty and colorful language that is typical of Wood's writing style.  First Taste of Bacardi will arouse and wet your sexual appetite from beginning to end. 

Charden Wood' is offering this first book in the Bacardi Series FREE and welcomes feedback and reviews from those who would like to show their appreciation.  You can also get all four of the first four books currently available in the series at a bundled discounted price (only $3.99). 

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