Keeper (Keeper Trilogy, #1), Love, Romance, Suspense - Robyn Roze

Keeper, the first book in the Keeper Trilogy, is the story of a young woman's struggle to acknowledge not only the tragedy in her past, but also the hope in her future.

Olivia Marshall has lived isolated and under the strict control of her guardian, Nick Moretti, for a decade since the accident that defined her life.  Having survived a terrible tragedy ten years earlier and then a heartbreaking betrayal a few years afterwards, Olivia has dealt with the loss and deceit in a way that allows her to maintain her sanity.  Yet, she begins to feel her shaky hold on reality slipping as Nick continues to pull her down into the darkness with him.

However, Olivia is stronger than even she realizes and has come to understand that she hasn't been living at all.  She recognizes the need to break free from the man that has controlled her all these years before it's too late to find her way out.  After distancing herself from Nick, Olivia's subsequent interactions with the real world, beginning with Jake McCloud in Book 1, enables her to discover that her strength has always been there, and now there is no going back - much to the deep disappointment and anger of her tormented, vengeful guardian.

When Olivia Marshall's latent independence and courage begin to awaken in Keeper, she unwittingly sets off a chain of events that unfold throughout the three books and will ultimately force her to accept the past, savor the present and dream of the future.

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