Golden Scarab, Book 2 of the Windflowers Trilogy, a fantasy novel by Wendy Scott

Golden Scarab, Book 2 of the Windflowers Trilogy.

A year has passed since Kalli escaped from the Ferrasium, but the High Priest's stranglehold on Wasset is tightening and his tentacles are extending out to encompass all of Keymett. As Pharaoh's royal barges sail toward Wasset to celebrate the Jubilee Festival, the High Priest is poised like an arachnid in his nest, waiting to hatch his plans. Kalli must unlock the secrets of the Golden Scarab before all of Keymett falls under the High Priest's dominion.

Excerpt –
They crept toward the boat, keeping to the shadows, but the last stretch was barren of cover. Kalli stepped into the open. One pace … two. Tarreq was on her heels. Her heart walloped. Three paces. They were half way to the boat. Four paces. She could see the glitter of the Captain's eyes as he watched their progress. Five paces. Only one to go.
Metal clinked. She froze for a split second before diving for the boat. Arrows, shouts, and stampeding feet filled the dock. Hands hauled her on board and shoved her below the rail out of the range of the weapons. Her head whirled around looking for Tarreq, but couldn't see him. "Tarreq?"
She heard a grunt and the wet sound of metal churning through flesh. She threw off the hands restraining her and leapt up. "Tarreq!"
His gaze held hers as he crumpled to his knees, a spear jutting out of his chest and a widening circle of blood staining his robe. The distance between them was growing as the tide tugged the boat away from the dock. He called to her, "Open the Holy Way and bring them back."
Arrows thudded into the side of the boat, but Kalli ignored them and grabbed the rail, calculated the jump. She could make it. Her windflowers could save him. Rope snaked around her shoulders pinning her arms at her sides. She struggled and cursed, but couldn't squirm free of the knots.
The Captain pointed to the shore. "There's nothing you can do. He's dead."
"I want to go back."
"I'll not place my crew in further peril." He stalked away.
 Kalli watched as soldiers swarmed over Tarreq's still form until tears blurred her vision. She couldn't believe she'd just lost her only friend.

First readers' reviews –
"Just as unputdownable as Bk 1! My new favourite fantasy, can't wait for Bk 3!" AM
"Very bloodthirsty and a real page turner." DS

Fantasy, contains adult themes.

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