Joseph Sin - a science fiction novel by Glen Thickett

Joseph Sin, the novel, is the first outing for Joseph Sin the unlikely hero.  He is pulled into an adventure in an alien place, way across the galaxy.  His responsibility isn't made clear to him, and he needs to puzzle out who's who in a medieval world threatened by future corporate greed. He didn't want to be involved until his friend Susan Skull was captured, and he needed to save her. But as his true involvement in this twisted plot becomes clear, he also needs to save himself, as well as the rest of the galaxy.

I wanted this book to be a mash-up of genres – it has fantasy, sci-fi, time travel, supernatural, a love story, and puzzles and paradoxes galore. I also wanted it to be funny – but that changed a little during the writing.  There is plenty of comedy, but it became balanced with the drama of the story which insisted on being heard. So, it's a comedy-drama, or drama-comedy, whichever you prefer.

Joseph and Susan are joined in the story by time travelling mercenaries, a medieval court, giants, supernatural beings, a water sprite, a vigilante former king, and a galactic dictator. When I finished writing Joseph Sin, these characters still had plenty they wanted to say, so they will soon get another outing in the sequel, Susan Skull.