The Princess and The Cuban - a fiction by Owen Mitchell

Terry Reed had killed men in the line of duty as a soldier, but he never realized as a Homeland Security agent he would again have to kill and even risk his life taking a bullet to save a Princess' life in a beach house on the North Carolina coast. In The Princess and The Cuban an 85,000 word fiction novel meant to be the first in a series about a young CIA agent, this good old red-bloodied American boy learns a lot about himself as he defends his country at home.

When he leaves the military, with a Bronze Star for bravery he's just a good-looking 26 year old ready to find his way in the world and enjoy women. He finds himself defending his homeland as a CIA agent, not in some foreign country, but working with Homeland Security and becoming a spy on American soil.

His original assignment of running surveillance on an Islamic terrorist, who lives in a sleepy southern college town, turns into a twisted maze of relationships with a beautiful Egyptian Princess, a run-in with Russian spies and a one-night love affair with an English stripper/spy.

His life escalates into a relationship with Carlos Cuadrado who just happens to be one of the most notorious and successful Cuba-America's in the world with a chip on his shoulder about the American embargo from the '60's. His work with Carlos takes him to some incredible venues in Miami and Cuba.

It all comes to a head when Terry has to stop Carlos' attempt on the life of the President of the United States at a function in a basketball arena where 21,000 people, including former presidents, cabinet members and religious dignitaries could all die.

Sound like fiction? It could be. It could also be that Terry Reed is a real hero. Not the kind you see getting medals or proclamations but the kind that is just doing his job protecting America from the inside.