Keep Others Smiling! a reference on oral health by Catherine Thom

Are you a family member or health care professional who provides daily personal care to others?

Sometimes daily oral hygiene gets sidelined by more urgent personal hygiene duties. The client's needs may make traditional dental care procedures ineffective or unsuitable. Some caregivers may hesitate because they are unsure how to proceed.

Keep Others Smiling! provides detailed information on assisting others with important daily oral hygiene.  A clean mouth is more comfortable and reduces the risk of infection. Oral infections can cause serious complications for individuals with chronic health conditions such as: diabetes, heart disease, artificial joints, reduced immune system function and others.

In this easy-to-read, illustrated reference book you learn how to use inexpensive materials found in craft and dollar stores to customize dental care devices. Some suggested modifications foster self-sufficiency to the highest level possible. Other tools make assisting with thorough daily mouth cleaning easier for both care giver and client.

The textbook format provides easy access to information to suit your unique needs. You do not need to read every chapter or take an exam on the material. You will know you have mastered the information when your client's oral health improves as a result of more effective daily care and the process is more comfortable for  both of you.