Keep Kids Smiling! oral health reference by Catherine Thom

Attention parents, grandparents, baby sitters and day care personnel. You have the power to protect children from dental disease. Children do not need to suffer dental decay if the simple routines outlined in Keep Kids Smiling!  are followed carefully from infancy.

This easy-to-read, illustrated reference book provides comprehensive oral health information.  Learn how food choices (particularly snack foods) help or hinder dental health. Learn to provide daily oral hygiene for dependent children. Follow guidelines to assist youngsters as they grow to develop the oral self-care skills they need to maintain their own oral health for a lifetime.

Learn how to find the perfect dental care team(s) to support the oral health of everyone in your family.  It is all right to be a multiple dentist household! Prepare your children for professional dental care in a helpful way. Learn how and when dental specialists may be needed to provide treatment to restore health.  

Better dental health means lower dental bills: particularly welcome news if you do not have dental insurance.  As one reviewer (an economist) summarized "Read this book and save! Over a lifetime everyone can save themselves thousands of dollars in dental bills by following the good advice it offers. This book could be the best investment you'll ever make."