Keep Smiling! an oral health reference by Catherine Thom

Canadians spend more than $10 billion annually on oral health care. Much of this could have been saved if everyone understood and practised the dental care methods described in Keep Smiling! Following this good advice could save you thousands of dollars in a lifetime – money that could be used to satisfy other needs and wants.

Ask yourself...

Have you ever been upset by your treatment in a dental office?

Would you like more information on how to protect yourself from preventable dental diseases?

Do you know how to prepare your children for dental treatment in a helpful way?

Would you like to gain greater control over your oral health and reduce the cost of dental treatment?

Would you like some hints on how to choose a dental care team which best suits the needs of you and your family?

This easy-to-read, illustrated reference book answers these and many more questions relating to oral health and dental treatment. You do not have to read every word. The textbook format provides ready access to information to suit your unique needs. You will never have to take and exam on the material. You will know you have mastered the information when you begin to enjoy better oral health, lower dental bills and improved relationships with your dental care team.

As one reviewer suggested "Ms. Thom preaches clearly in this book what she has always practised diligently in her profession. If you still have teeth and want to keep them, I strongly recommend you read it".

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