Kindle Books: Money Making Machine – Business Book by Anbu Rayappan

I make around $2739.57 every month from Kindle Books, I have published so far. This amount slightly goes up or down. Is it possible to make $2739.57 every month by publishing books on Kindle?

   I am not a writer by profession. I am a software Engineer doing a full-time job in a Fortune 500 company.

   I have not written any book in my life. My friend, Paul, can't write either. He is making around 3000$ every month.

   Obviously, I was interested to know how he was pulling this off.  So one fine Saturday morning, when we were having coffee in the local Starbucks, I asked him how he is making money with Kindle books in spite of not writing anything.

   He was bit cocky with the money he was making and made a big fuss about revealing the "secret".

   As I was persistent, he relented and said, "There is only one word for this secret. Outsource!!"

   Then he went on to tell how he hired someone online to write a book for him and how he published bunch of books.

    I got really excited as I found a somewhat easy way to make money. I did some home work and analysis as usual. And in the year 2012, I published 21 books. Not single one of them was written by me.

    I have outsourced everything to the online writers who did the excellent job of writing the book for me.

    This doesn't mean that I don't have to do anything. I have my own set of things that I need to take care of to make sure it brings me money.

    Those things are much easier compared to writing the book. Things like analyzing the market for the book, coming up with the catchy title and impressive/clickable cover design, choosing the right keywords and making sure to enroll in KDP etc.

     I have explained all these steps in my book in a step-by-step blueprint. If you follow this blueprint, you would have the same kind of success I have. It's guaranteed!!

    Main reason for my success is due to my "Not-Giving-Up" tendency. I give 127% before deciding that this won't fit with my personality and give up.

    Perseverance pays off.

    There are some basic things that you need to know such as how to hire a good contractor to outsource your book, how to publish it and market it through Amazon etc. It could be pretty daunting to anyone new to the Kindle Books publishing.

    That's why I took the hand-holding approach in my book, explaining each and every step clearly. There won't be any confusion on your part. After reading the book, I guarantee you that you will be pumped up to write your first book.

    You don't know what to write about? No worries!! I have been there. I have given 3 SIMPLE but POWERFUL ways, to get so many ideas that your head will start aching.

    There are millions of books in Kindle. Most of them are gathering dust and are hardly selling 1 book in year. I don't want you to be one of them.  That's why I have dedicated 1 full chapter explaining how to analyze the market even before writing the book.

    Amazon had made it publishing amazingly easy. Wow…Look at me…Amazon..Amazingly…huh?...Who knew? I could write.

    Anyway, if your book is ready, you can publish it in 24 hours. It is that simple and you get to keep up to 70% of royalty.  Cool, Right?

    That's exactly what I thought. It didn't belie my hope. It is doing excellently well.

    The best part is, Amazon does the marketing for you from their eco-system, if you choose KDP Select promotion. I have explained about this Marketing Program in the book and steps to take to select this promotion.

    Now the question is, what are you waiting for? Buy the book and get the details and publish your first book.

Caution: Don't stop at 1 book.  You need to publish a bunch of books to have a sustainable result and enough money to quit your terrible day job and fire your horrible boss. I am almost there. What about you?

All the Best,

Anbu Rayappna