Minions - A mystery by Garrett Addison

No vampires, recovering alcoholic detectives or predictable endings,
'Minions' is a story that will sucker you in right until the last page.
Devlin Bennett's life is no longer in free-fall, but only because he's hit
the bottom.  What's worse, his notoriety is such that opportunities and
friends are few and far between.  Until a new job lands in his lap.
Benign and well-paid, the role and his new peers are unfazed with his
history.  It's the chance he's desperate for and his life is surely on the
improve.  But when he is warned anonymously to not join a list of deceased
past employees, the job loses some of its lustre.  Unable to walk away or
ignore the warnings, he needs to understand whether he's been handed a
lifeline or a death-sentence.

His concerns are shared by an ageing detective investigating the death of
the latest employee.  Together, they just might unravel the truth that lies
amongst a newly bereaved woman, a Balkan sociopath, a battered performance
artist, an elusive ex-employee and his enigmatic employer's reference to a
'greater good'.  What they learn might benefit them both, and others.
Guilt is just a matter of how much you understand the bigger picture.