The Cloud Seeker - An alternative romance by Jayne Lockwood

A sensual story of clouds, ghosts and redemption

Cat Cartwright's attempts to find happiness are elusive whilst she still nurtures guilt for her daughter's death.  She is childminder for Luca, the winsome
10 year-old stepson of her closest friend.

When Max O'Donnell moves into the close-knit Chilterns village, the profane New Yorker harbours a sordid secret which if revealed, will damage
 the relationship he is trying to build with his son.  But since 9/11, he has been masquerading as his identical twin brother, who died in his arms.  Now he
suffers panic attacks and horrific nightmares in which his fatally wounded sibling attempts to force him to face his past.

Both Cat and Max's lives have followed similar paths, but how they cope is very different.  As Max realises the responsibility he has for those he cares
about, he begins to crumble under the weight of his deception.   
Meanwhile, Cat finally has the courage to let go of her grief and start living again, though her feelings for Max may well prove disastrous for everyone
involved.  As their sensual attraction to each other grows, Cat is confused by messages he is subconsciously giving her.  She determines to discover
the truth, travelling to New England to unravel the secrets of Max's past.
This story is about the intense relationship between two unlikely people, set against the backdrop of an idyllic England village.  Clouds are a recurring
symbolism; shifting, unpredictable, not always what they seem, similar to the people that live underneath them.

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