Moons' Dreaming - a fantasy novel by Susan Sizemore and Marguerite Krause

Epic fantasy novel MOONS' DREAMING is free on Amazon January 25-29, 2013.

For generations of generations, the Children of the Rock have led orderly lives, guided by the tales and traditions passed down year after year, everyone knowing his or her place in society. But a recent plague has decimated the population, leaving the survivors struggling to adapt to a far more precarious world. Every day brings more bad news: deadly border skirmishes between troops of royal guards and raids by outlaws on undefended towns. But still greater danger threatens from the realms of magic, and the power-wielding Dreamers who defend the Children of the Rock from these other-worldly monsters have been reduced to a mere handful of men and women scattered across the kingdoms, struggling to maintain their fragile lines of defense.

Vray of Rhenlan didn't set out to antagonize her brother Damon, chief counselor and heir to their father, King Hion, ruling Shaper of Rhenlan. But when a territorial dispute drives King Hion to order the execution of the princess from a neighboring kingdom, Vray challenges her father over the injustice of his decision. Damon, not wanting to be inconvenienced by her obsession with the traditional Shaper values of responsibility and fairness, has her banished from the capital and imprisoned by one of his allies.

Dael, captain of the king's guard, is torn by indecision. His duty is to obey his sovereign…yet he also has a duty to uphold the laws of the land and protect its people. What is he supposed to do if one set of duties comes into direct conflict with the other? Meanwhile, a carter named Jordy has begun to ask some dangerous question of his own. What's the use of having rulers who don't fulfill their responsibilities to their people? And what if "magic" is no more than superstition, and the Dreamers outdated relics whose time has passed?

Marguerite Krause and Susan Sizemore have been friends since their days of writing and editing for a Star Trek fanzine. When they decided to try their hands at collaborative writing, it seemed only natural to create a fantasy universe together. They set out to write a story about belief and disbelief, duty and selfishness, the nature of parenthood, and the many different aspects of love. The results are Moons' Dreaming and Moons' Dancing.

Susan is the New York Times bestselling author of dozens of romance, paranormal, and fantasy novels in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats. She has won the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart award. Marguerite is a freelance editor and writer, and for recreation plays the Highland snare in a bagpipe band.