Terminus X, Part 1 - Science Fiction by Shane Ward


Free on (Feb. 16, 17) - (March:21, 22) and April 10!

Terminus X is a story that is based on an unprecedented disaster when the
sun ejects a massive cloud of charged plasma particles and lethal radiation.
When the solar wind reaches Earth, it destroys electronics and heats the
Earth's core to a point the planet is shattered into fragments around its
molten core and moon    One hundred years later society slowly reorganizes
itself, forcing a government system onto the survivors: Xigen and HumaniX.
Any leftover survivors are then placed into a five-tiered cast system
consisting of: Priests, Communicators, Warriors, Outcasts, and Dregs.

HumaniX government is advanced in technology and its citizens live in huge
sky cities that travel through the gravity wakes between the moon and
Earth's molten core. The Xigen are a lesser-advanced government, which lives
on the floating landmasses, struggling to survive. The two governments have
been constantly at war over water, food and land.

Struggling in a hostile environment, Travis Medwin and Nelson Porter conduct
illegal deals and eventually join a dangerous race that could mark the
outcome of their lives. But after being dragged into a conflict between two
warring factions, their goal suddenly changes to that of survival as they
fight to discover the truth that's plaguing the struggling remains of