Spikez - a children's book by Richard Mayers


"Ever wondered what would happen if animals could be controlled by technology? 

At a top secret UK military lab, Professor Windar has done just that.  His latest generation of cyborg drones are to be rolled out and used for surveillance missions by the British military to support the nation's fight against global terrorism.  But then animals start to make their own choices.

Taking an idea I developed from an early age, the premise of Spikez answers the great 'what if you could bring creatures back to life using robotics?' question that many young and inquisitive minds think about.

Spikez took four years to create and was tested across schools across the UK and given a nod from university academics in the field of artificial intelligence.  The product is an original new story for the juvenile market that blends science-fiction and science fact into an exciting, fast-paced narrative.

The print and kindle version of the book also links to loads of free content, including: video files, .mp3 tracks, diary entries and lots more. 

Spikez has been described as 'Animal Farm meets The Matrix'. The reaction to the novel has been very positive so far and I'd love to hear more people's views and opinions.  Spikez is the first in a series of three novels about an unlikely group of animal cyborgs, exploring what can (and often does) go wrong when you meddle with nature."

Richard Mayers

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