Perdita - a science fiction novel by Arwen Spicer

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Amazon description: 
For centuries, the planet Perdita has warred over the proper use of high technology. Now the West-of-Now family has crash landed on the planet, bringing with them the secrets of jae, a tech as perilous as it is powerful. For pro-tech Ethan and anti-tech Sherayna, the stakes of the battle have never been higher, for their actions may decide whether Perdita will enter into a new golden age or face cataclysmic destruction.

I started the very first draft of Perdita as a teenager in the golden idyll of the early 1990s.  This was an age of great Les Misérables obsession, especially at my theatrically inclined high school, and I was no exception.  Thus, I can truthfully say that Perdita is in a very small way inspired by Les Misérables.  

My challenge to you, O Les Mis fans, is to read Perdita and tell me what aspect of the story is inspired by Les Mis; in other words, where do you spot a "Les Mis flavor"?  Because I like you, I'll even give you some hints:

Hint 1: It's more a character thing than a sweeping political thing.
Hint 2: I was a teenage girl.
Hint 3: Track me down on An Archive of Our Own (Ao3) and you'll find another hint.

What a lot of hints!

To reply to this challenge, just comment on this entry on my blog at  (URL:

The first person to guess correctly will receive a free PDF of my second novel, The Hour before Morning.

To those who I have frightened away by the teenage Les Mis fan thing, be reassured: while I started this novel at fifteen, I finished the first edition at twenty-five and the second edition a good twelve years after that.  So fear not: it's been tempered (mostly).