Lab Notes: a novel by Gerrie Nelson

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"…a spellbinding mystery…intricate adventure…Murder, deception and passion moved the story at a fast pace…kept me guessing until the end."
Where secrets collide…
     Shortly after university researchers Diane and Vincent Rose join a prosperous Houston biotech company, Vincent begins seeing hints of darkness in their new workplace and records his suspicions as if they are scientific data.
     When Vincent vanishes during a yacht race off the coast of Texas, Diane Rose makes the stark discovery that another BRI scientist disappeared just months before. Is there a connection? Devastated but determined to uncover the truth, she trades her microscope for binoculars and master keys—unaware she's being watched.
      Drawing on her research skills, she covertly investigates BRI's enigmatic staffers: an animal rights extremist with destructive tendencies, a disgraced scientist with ulterior motives, a shadow employee with dangerous secrets to protect and a sadist who gets his thrills through animal torture.
     But the hunter becomes the hunted. On the run, Diane follows an international trail of secret societies, ill-fated lovers, greed and murder; all the while fighting an attraction to one of the world's most powerful
men—a man who wants to bed her or kill her—or both.

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