Politics & Bedfellows - A marital romp by Norman Weinstein


Amanda Lee determines to shake up ultra-conservative New Valley even as she realizes that her marriage is disintegrating and that she must move boldly if she wishes to save it from her predatory "friend" Jenny Boo.

JENNY. You are God-awful unpatriotic, Amanda! I swear! Republicans are good Americans, and men like Ben here may be peculiar, but I think they mean well and I like 'em.

AMANDA. Yeah, boy, do I know, but maybe their hard drives need some reformatting. Ever thought of that?

BEN. God's sake, Amanda, can't we be a little serious here?

JENNY. The hand, Amanda, that rocks the cradle does not belong in the Democrat Party, not in New Valley. I swear, Ben, this girl here's acting like some kind of lesbian terrorist, and even worse, a liberal! What has happened to your values, Amanda?

AMANDA. They're panting to shack up with social concerns, Jenny. Remember, I'm the 99 percent. You know, health care, anti-war, gun control, minimum wage, the environment . . . . Don't interrupt! . . . I'll expose every damn thing your Republic Party stands for, including one arrogant Warren Nash, by God! I've been investigating him. Oh, have I ever!

JENNY. Warren Nash arrogant? Hah! We have the best social concern in the world. We grieve for our poor and people only carry their guns for self-defense. We have the the very best environment in the state! Right, Ben?

AMANDA. Oh, ho, sure, like the chemical dumping in Swift River near Ben's pig pen. C.T. Tyler won't mention that in that Courier of his, will he, because it's his family's plant, right? Am I right, Ben?

BEN. Well, yes, it is true that C.T.'s . . .

JENNY. C.T.'s school-board president, Amanda. Sometimes you just turn mean and crazy and real stupid! And I once thought it was Nathan Pomerantz made you stretch those awful condoms over those trophies by the principal's office.

AMANDA. He kept Nathan from being our class photographer because he was an anti-Semitic bigot. Besides, we only put them on the science ones. The athletic trophies were way too big.

JENNY. New Valley has rules, Manda, and rules and condoms do not mix. Ben, don't you agree? Rules and condoms do not . . .

BEN. Yeah, I think I'd have to agree on that one.

AMANDA. You have a way with words, Jenny. Be my campaign manager.

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