Immigrant Song - A Romance/Adventure novel by Jon Schafer

A story of love, adventure, and faith

After making an inflammatory anti-government speech, Ricky must escape his homeland and make his way through Central America to Colorado while dodging immigration patrols and a death sentence if he's caught and deported. He hires a guide named Ledesma, and in the group he's traveling with is another young immigrant named Maria. They fall in love, but problems arise when in order to pay her way, Maria has promised another type of compensation at the journeys end. Together, she and Ricky must find a way to avoid this as they make the hazardous trip to a country that's not what it appears to be.

The idea for the book came to me as I was listening to a friend tell me about how he emigrated overland from Nicaragua to the states. As he related the dangers and joys of his journey, I thought to myself that his story would make an excellent book.

I have traveled through Central America myself, so I fictionalized his account with a dash of creative license - a very small dash since the real story is riveting enough - and added my own experiences in dealing with immigrants. When I was done, the story felt like it needed one more thing so I gave it a real good twist.

Immigrant Song is a Romance thriller, but don't worry guys, it has death squads, corrupt police and government officials, and enough action to keep you riveted.

When I write, I know the beginning and the end of every manuscript I'm working on. Those are set in stone in my mind. The middle part just comes out. Sometimes I write something and I have no idea why, but later come up with something else seemingly out of nowhere that ties it all together perfectly. I think the whole middle of the book is there in my mind, it just has to come out one piece at a time.

Immigrant Song is a Romance/Adventure novel, but it also takes the controversial topic of illegal immigration and tosses it back in your lap no matter which side of the issue you stand on. Whether you're pro or anti, this book will appeal to anyone who has an opinion on the matter.

And also to anyone who doesn't...

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