Silesia: The Outworlder - a sci-fi/fantasy novel by S.K. Valenzuela

It's a lovely fairy tale, a legend to inspire heroes. The knight in shining armor saves the princess in distress from the clutches of the dragon. True love conquers all, and they live happily ever after.

It's a lovely tale.

But it's not this tale.

Sahara's no princess. She's a virtuoso assassin and a convict, condemned to a life sentence in the labor camps on the desert world of Silesia for slaying the Dragon-Lord Chieftain on her own homeworld. And her knight in shining armor? The man who rescues her from the desert when her transport ship crashes, killing everyone else and setting her free? Jared Alareth spends his days reading, scouting the desert, and honing his skills as a minstrel and healer, fighting only when sorely provoked. But his past is as shattered as Sahara's own, and he feels drawn to her almost against his will.

Jared brings Sahara to his home city of Albadir, but Sahara's not the kind of girl you bring home without consequences. She refuses the courtly life Albadir offers. Instead, like a Silesian sandstorm, she churns up a rebellion against the Dragon-Lords, sweeping Jared's people into a conflict they can hardly imagine. But plans are never as simple as they seem. When Sahara gambles everything on one bold stroke, Jared discovers that there is no limit to the Dragon-Lords' treachery.

Sahara's fate is now bound to the survival of everything he loves, and Jared must find the way to save her--and his own people--before it's too late.

I love how the author wove in elements of mythology and fantasy in the most unexpected ways. Every scene was so richly envisioned, I felt like I was walking with the characters.... There was only one bad thing about this novel. It ended.  ~J. Leigh Bralick

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