Small Town Dead; a noir mystery novel-by Caleb Yeaton

A story of sex, lies, and murder in small town Illinois.

Elliot Sharp has no fondness for his hometown Rochelle, Illinois. On a visit to his sanctimonious brother, Elliot has a chance meeting with Callie Marcum; a wealthy country princess whose brother is suspected of abducting-and possibly killing-five young women. Lucky thing they met, Elliot says, because he's a private investigator. And, for the right price, he will prove her brother's innocence.

Of course, he won't.

Because Elliot Sharp is a small time con-man taking advantage of a troubled young woman. The plan is simple; he pretends he's a PI, pretends to work Callie's case, comes up empty, and collects a paycheck.

There's just one problem. The people who REALLY committed the crime think Elliot is the real thing. And they want to set him up for the job. Or worse. Now, together with his faithful yet put-upon partner Jess Maroni, Elliot, who has never worked an honest day in his life, has to live his own lie and solve the case. Or die trying, anyway.

Small Town Dead is a fast-paced, twisting noir mystery with a sardonic edge.