The Devil's Fan Club - a psychological thriller by Mark Kirkbride
Twisted twins meet a man at a nightclub who tempts them with the prospect of joining a criminal circle – yet there's a catch.
The Devil's Fan Club was a thought experiment that took on a life of its own. It was a very challenging book to write and will doubtless be challenging to read but I wanted to delve deep into the heart of evil. The reader will be taken on a dark journey with plots swerves aplenty, yet there's no getting off till the very end.
The novel is a psychological thriller, so should appeal to readers of crime fiction. But it is written in a somewhat literary style, as I wanted to write a crime novel with charged language, a literary novel with a pulse. Only the reader can decide whether I achieved these objectives.
The title came very soon after starting the book, as I like to give the work an identity very early on. The very last element was the cover. I wanted a very strong image. The cover artist came up with lots of different images but I knew that this was the one as soon as I saw it. It may scare some readers off, but it is right for the book.

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