STRIP--a crime novel by John Bruni
A lot of people go through life unsatisfied.  They become desperate.  They feel the urge to fight against these ill feelings that try to bring them down so quickly.  STRIP is populated with such characters.  Will Timmon is about to be homeless.  Bud Langer's mom is dying.  Tweaker Phillips is running out of money and running low on street cred.  Dan Kean needs to pad his wallet with enough dough to get him through to his next criminal enterprise.  These are the people who are willing to do anything to get out of their predicament, but they are also fighting against those who would keep them down, those who are also desperate and unsatisfied.  Enzo Moretti doesn't want to run a strip club the rest of his life; he wants to manage fine dining restaurants.  Lt. Garver wants to make the world a better place, even if it means making life miserable for certain people.  And Ana Santamaria merely wants to punish the wicked, so they can't destroy her dreams for a perfect life.
How do all of these people come together?  It all happens at a strip club out in an unincorporated area.  Their story is written in blood, booze, and cash, and their desperate desire to be free from the tyranny of their wretched down-on-their-luck lives.