"The Forever Saga: Flash" - The Science Fiction Novel by Sean C. Sousa

Available today in e-book and paperback formats: http://www.amazon.com/The-Forever-Saga-Flash-ebook/dp/B0099B2UBS

"An ancient enemy rises,
A lost hero finds his way,
And his son brings hope,
To a world on the verge of rebirth."

Introducing The Forever Saga: Flash - the first novel of a gripping sci-fi series intended for mainstream audiences.

Sean C. Sousa's debut novel introduces our world to the futuristic realm of Regnum Aeturnum, where the robotic Vaucan race serves Grigori Geist - an ancient monarch with designs on ruling over the world once again. For reasons only Geist knows, an aging war veteran is the one man who can stop him.

Flash follows that hero, Brian Renney, along with his grown son, Jason, as they come to grips with the technology and ambition of Geist and his armies. Reluctant to be drawn into another war, Brian struggles with his past to reach redemption, as Jason comes to understand both his father and the cause he fights for. And they do not stand alone: an unlikely ally, exiled from Regnum Aeturnum, will become the world's greatest defender.

The Forever Saga: Flash is available in e-book ($0.99) and paperback ($12.99) at http://www.amazon.com/The-Forever-Saga-Flash-ebook/dp/B0099B2UBS.