The White Rabbit Mysteries - a young adult mystery novel by Melissa Davies



"Passed down like songs of old
Like treasure maps and tales of gold…"

While clearing out some old boxes in her home, Lara Liddell doesn't expect to stumble across a yellowing scroll of parchment depicting a mysterious rhyme and what looks like a treasure map. It leads her to a spot under Boltons Bench in Lyndhurst in the New Forest, England, where she finds a rusty old key that has been buried for hundreds of years. She thinks no more of it until one day, she begins to receive strange letters from somebody signing themselves as 'The White Rabbit'…


Ever wondered more about the real life 'Alice' who inspired Charles Dodgson (more popularly known as Lewis Carroll) to write his 'Alice in Wonderland' stories?


Now you can find out in this adventure-mystery, tracing Lara's footsteps as she follows the clues which will help her to unravel the past, with the help of a roaming woodcarver who has more relevance to her own story than she realises. But soon it becomes apparent that the quest is more dangerous than they ever expected, putting them in the crosshairs of someone who will stop at nothing to get to the 'treasure' at the end of the trail before them.

Suitable for readers of about 11 and upwards, the book would also appeal to anyone who enjoys a simply written, light-hearted modern mystery story. There is some mild 'adventure' violence, and no strong swearing.

It is just under 43,000 words long and is split into 24 chapters. I hope you enjoy following the trail with Lara!