A Silver Ring - mainstream fiction by Nathan Carriker



A Silver Ring is the story of star-crossed lovers whose lives only barely, briefly touch and are then torn apart by war - until a chance meeting forty years later unearths an old secret smoldering beneath the emotional rubble of World War Two that tells Justin Prator and his son Paul why they both had to be pilots - and binds two families together forever who seem born to feud.

Many people feel "called" to their careers, and a lucky few can look at their ancestors and say with conviction that it's "in their blood." Like my main characters, I've never known what - or who - drove me so hard to become a pilot. I only know that, at a very early age, my father told me about his big brother who was killed in air combat in 1944 - that he wanted to be a pilot but didn't fit the Army's profile, that he had a love and talent for working with machinery; that he was the best of their family, but he died an unmarried man with no children in the skies over occupied France.

Or did he?

Review excerpts:
"...a story that anyone can identify with..."
"...this is not just a book about flying: this is a book filled with heartbreak, love, shame, depression, joy and revelation. It's a book about relationships between parents and sons, between lovers, between friends, between forebears and descendants."
"Some authors have a gift in putting their thoughts and ideas to paper that catch the reader. Nathan Carriker is one of those writers."
"A riveting aviation love story that's impossible to put down."

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