The Road to Justice - A John Fowler Novel by David Carner



I've always marketed The Road to Justice as a Thriller/Mystery, but the more I talk to those who have read, and enjoyed my book, the more I realize it's so much more.  The Road to Justice is about people, and their ability to cope.  It's about characters you grow to care about and some you hope that get what is coming to them.  The John Fowler novels are about hope, and redemption.  They are about righting wrongs, and justice.  The story is a quick moving plot, that many tell me once they pick it up, they don't put down until they finished.  I hope you'll give my debut novel a try. 



With the FBI stumped by the seemingly random killings of four former friends gathered to say their last respects to one of their friends, former FBI agent John Fowler is approached by his former team to consult on this baffling case. 


John Fowler was one of the best the FBI had to offer.  That all changed with his time undercover which lead to a bout with alcoholism and his wife's murder.  After watching his apartment go up in flames with his wife inside, and getting questioned by his own team for her murder, John Fowler walked away from the FBI, swearing never to work with them again.

Three years later, John has been given one promise; if he agrees to help the FBI, he will be given the case file to his wife's murder. The Road to Justice – A John Fowler Novel is the story of a man trying to rebuild his life after the loss of his wife, the attempt to rebuild his career, and the attempt to rebuild relationships with those he hasn't spoken to since his wife's funeral.

Can John return to the FBI after a three year absence and solve a case that connects to some of the most powerful people in the United States?  Or will John and his former team find themselves as ex-FBI agents?


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