Appetites - chicklit by Karen Frankola


Have you ever been so desperate to change your life that you would do almost anything?  That's how Sarah feels when she finds out that the man she should have married 20 years ago is coming to her city in four months.  If she could only lose 40 pounds, then maybe she'd have another chance with Harry. Her career has always come first and now she realizes it has crowded out almost everything else in her life except for mindless overeating.  It turns out there are not enough cupcakes in the world to make up for sleeping alone every night.


Sarah sees a news story about skinny hostages being rescued from the jungle and decides to ask her sister Max to lock her up in the basement to keep her from eating the things she shouldn't. Max, whose vices run more toward wine and weed, hates the thought of having her straitlaced sister under the same roof, but she's desperate for cash and agrees.


Sarah soon becomes obsessed with her skinny sister's robust sex life and imagines what it would be like to sleep with Max's boyfriend. After Max neglects her, Sarah gets revenge by pretending to be her sister... in bed.

This is a story about how the struggle to say no can lead to saying yes to the wrong things.  Can Sarah lose weight and recapture the man of her dreams?  Can Max find a replacement for getting high and hooking up?  And can the two sisters ever find a way to get past their envy for each other?


This book has some realistic scenes of one-on-one sex.

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