Dead Medium - a Paranormal Humor Novel by Peter John

Dead Medium: a Ghost who communicates with the living.

May Elizabeth Trump disliked the company of others and death did little to warm her spirit. Becoming a dead medium and the attention such a gift would command was the last thing she either wanted or expected. She reluctantly agrees to utilize her gift in aid of another newly departed soul and, with the help of both the living and the dead, a series of backward seances are performed. With unheeded warnings and the shadow of a dark sinister presence lurking at the edge of light, we finally discover the true purpose of May's rare gift.

A humorous, character driven story and a unique vision of life after death.

When I first came up with the idea for Dead Medium I was sitting in the living room of a stranger. The television had been switched on just for my own amusement and I had been left to sit there alone.

It was the only time I can remember agreeing to take my mother to see a clairvoyant. She was upstairs in an unseen room with a woman in a baggy tracksuit, whom I saw only fleetingly on my arrival. The television had failed to grab my attention so I started to imagine what mystical events were occurring above my head. I could envision my mother sitting at one end of a small table in a dimly lit room. The psychic jogger was sat opposite her surrounded by ghosts all of which were jostling for position around her. Pushing and shoving each other, even overlapping in places as they all tried to grab the attention of the athletic medium.

I began to realize that if a living person needed the aid of a clairvoyant to contact the dead then surely it was likewise on the flip side of the coin. If ghosts were freely capable of speaking with the living then we would hear them far more often than we reportedly do. Even if they were merely talking among themselves, wouldn't we occasionally overhear them as we quietly crept down the stairs in the small hours to fetch a glass of water. A further thought occurred to me: if ghosts also needed the aid of a gifted individual, why did it necessarily mean that they had to still be alive. Was there no such thing as a dead medium?

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