Leigh Podgorski's DESERT CHIMERA, the first book in her Stone Quest series, is a chilling epic battle both psychological and physical that takes place in the heart of Death Valley between Luke Stone and his nemesis, the black magician Armand Jacobi. Josh T. Amazon

DESERT CHIMERA is available FREE thru Tuesday, FEB 19th via KDP select promotion.

Josh T's review continues: "Luke arrives at Eppie Falco's Desert Inn and Cafe in a torrential downpour shaken, unsteady, and unsure of whom to trust from a sojourn in the desert where he had been assaulted by apocalyptic visions. At the Cafe are fellow travelers Mack, an acrobat from las Vegas, and Consuelo Arroyo, a newly divorced woman from Holyoke, Massachusetts along with Eppie Falco the proprietress, and her right-hand man, Leo.

Barely able to speak above a whisper, Luke is physically ill from something he has eaten in the desert. Asking only for water, Luke prays before he drinks from the glass. Within moments, he is restored. However, as a bolt of lightning lights up the sky and thunder rumbles, the door to cafe swings open, and Armand Jacobi, Luke's nemesis, steps into the cafe.

Podgorski develops her tale step by step and twist by twist. Luke and Consuelo slowly fall in love. Armand Jacobi tightens his unearthly grasp upon Luke in his bid to gain dominance over him again. As the tale unfolds in the present, so do we learn of Luke's childhood and the full horrors of his past and what drove him to escape to the sequestered northern woods of Michigan.

As the novel drives to its conclusion, we wonder who will win this epic battle of good versus evil.

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