The Truth Witch, a political thriller by Charles Steed

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Ever wonder what might happen if politicians decided to tell the truth? The whole truth and nothing but the truth. One might think that would be a good thing. There are probably dozens of possible outcomes. This idea intrigued me for a long time so I thought I'd develop the concept and The Truth Witch was born. Of course, one might wonder why such a thing might happen. You'd probably agree that it wouldn't happen without some outside catalyst. But integrity isn't what did it. It was sorcery. Or so it seems.


It all starts after Delores Barnes, a subdued teacher's assistant from Epping, New Hampshire saves the life of 14-year old Mandy Hunter, the daughter of an influential congressman from Colorado. To show his gratitude he invites Delores to the final session of congress before the summer recess to receive a citation. Delores steps to the microphone after receiving the award to say a few words. She begins to speak but is soon drowned out by the uproar created when House members are told they need to stay in session until a certain piece of legislation is passed.


Soon after, elected officials from local municipalities all the way to Washington DC are airing their dirty laundry in the open. Legislators are openly admitting to fraud, corruption, abuse of power and more on a daily basis. They have no explanation as to why they're doing it other than they suddenly feel the need to be truthful to themselves and to the people that elected them. Public confessions by politicians everywhere start coming fast and furiously creating an all out media frenzy as the press dubs the bizarre phenomenon the truth rampage. But why is it happening? On a hunch two savvy DC journalists figure out what's going on and latch onto the biggest news story in history.


But the truth isn't welcomed by all. By a strange twist of fate the President of the United States is immune to the trend. He smiles and plays along in public saying the truth is what we need but secretly, he abhors what's happening because, well, he has dark secrets and a skeleton or two. He also has plans that would change the world as we know it. And only one person stands in the way of his fiendish plan. In the final analysis it all comes down to a competition of good versus evil. Will the truth prevail? One can only hope…

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