Dogs and Love - Stories of Fidelity
Free on Feb. 13 and Feb 14th
These sixteen true stories explore the emotional connection between dogs and humans, and how meaningful that bond is. Sometimes the relationship between people and animal carries over into the relationship between humans. I knew my sister loved me. But it took the death of my dog to make me realize just true that love is.
My sister  does't really like dogs herself, and thinks I'm ridiculous the way I coddle my dogs. She actually believed me when I told her my dog had to get braces on his teeth. His bottom teeth are crooked, but even I know that is over the edge. Still, it was a good joke.
But when my little dog was hit by a car and lingered between life and death at the animal hospital, she sat right by my side, wringing her hands. And showing her love.
This ebook is cheaper than a cheesy greeting card for your dog-loving Valentine.

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