LOVE IS BLIND – A Regency romance novella by Elizabeth Cole

LOVE IS BLIND stars a lovely young woman who happens to be, yes, blind. Olivia doesn't let her disability thwart her own desire for a happy life, though. When chance (and an evil villein) puts her in the arms of a rather charming rake named Adrian ( there any other kind?), Olivia defies convention to follow her heart. And Adrian himself has to defy his past to prove that he's worthy of the proper Olivia. No spoilers, but story contains a dance, a dare, a dragon, and a duel. No biggie.
You might notice a bit of a trend with this book (if two things equal a trend). Like my first novella, A WINTER'S KNIGHT, this one gives one of the protagonists a physical disability. I wanted to write a story where I had to work a little harder to describe how the main character interacts with the world. But I also get frustrated when I read a romance in which an absolutely stunning, physically perfect individual has some sort of problem attracting a mate. Really? Really? If they can't handle romance, what chance do "flawed" humans (a.k.a EVERYBODY) have? So I wanted to show that even characters who aren't perfect deserve and can achieve a proper ending. 
What's next on the romance front? I'm hard at work on a full-length Regency novel. HEARTLESS will pit an intelligent heroine against a mysterious gentleman who wants something from her. Is it her heart? She thinks it's more likely that he's after some secret plans that could change the balance of European power. She is the only person in England who knows where the plans are.  But things are (naturally) more complicated than they seem.  The first in a series of romantic intrigue featuring spies, secrets, a wee bit of steampunk, and romance, of course. HEARTLESS will be out this spring!

Happy reading,

Elizabeth Cole

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