Futurity - a Sci-Fi/Time-Travel novel by Michael Bunker


Everyone wants to travel to the past. Not Malcolm. He wants to go into the future... and he's just found out that Dr. Paulsen, Professor of Optics at Rochester-Finney University has figured out how to do it.

Malcolm is a third year physics student and a gamer. He's about to get more than he ever bargained for and he's going to take you along for the ride.

Futurity is a fun time-travel romp with a different twist.  I wrote Futurity for my children because we'd been reading aloud some Jack Finney short stories and we got into some fun discussions about the physics of time-travel and what forward travel might be like.  I wrote the book as a fun little diversion between two parts of my more serious thriller series.  I'd put so much time into the WICK series, and that was really my focus... so I've been pleasantly surprised to see Futurity take off with fans and outsell all of my other books!  Futurity remains ranked in the top 20 in all of its categories and has been consistently ranked in the top five of Hot New Releases for Sci-Fi>Anthologies.  And all of this from a story that I really didn't expect to be anything more than a fun trip for my teen-aged children.  I hope you enjoy it too.

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