Interesting Fitness - a book for fat old men trying to stay fit by Jonathan Kamp

"Interesting Fitness" is about how fat old men – like me – figure out ways to try to stay fit. 

I learned many of the techniques while on active military duty, but they also translate well for normal civilians. I've been trying to lose 20 pounds since the day I retired from the Army in the early 2000s – I think it's 30 pounds now – and this book details they way I go about it. 

If you're overweight or not a triathlete, but still try to stay fit as often as you can, this is your book - as it assists in finding and developing new ways to stay in shape. For example, you can dream up things that make your long walks more interesting. I used to chase barges along a river in Germany when I was stationed there in the 80s and 90s.

You can distract yourself on a bike ride by choosing a route with a view – keeping your eyes on the bike path, too, of course.

One of the main, new ideas I like to talk about in the book is a recommendation to take it easy on yourself for an extended period of time – doing light fitness activities to get your body used to being fit. Heck, maybe you could even take up jogging again someday once you're fit again (check with your doctor first, of course). 

You can also do two things at one time, like walking your dog while, um, walking. And there is forced discipline – which just means that you hitch a ride with someone specifically to walk home for the exercise. 


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