Hidden- a thriller by Derick Parsons

Hidden is a thriller, set in Dublin, and is about two women; one a psychologist, the other her beautiful but very disturbed young patient. It is my first book and was the No. 1 downloaded book on Amazon in November...yea!  It was also No. 1 in the Thriller/Suspense category for about a week. A technical glitch meant it was unavailable for about a week, which dropped it out of the charts, but it's been doing well again since it went back on sale. I'm trying not to think of all the thousands of people who tried to buy it while it was on the bestseller list, and couldn't!
The blurb reads;
Why has a beautiful young woman been committed to an insane asylum? What is the truth behind a shadowy past containing drug use, promiscuity and murder? What secrets does she hold that others will kill to keep HIDDEN? These are questions that psychologist Kate Bennett must answer if she is to save her patient's sanity...and both their lives. But Kate has secrets of her own, and a dark past that will come back to haunt her.
Hidden is a thriller, set in Dublin, but it is also a voyage of self-discovery for Kate as she learns not just the truth about her patient, but some truths about herself.
More to the point, some of the reviews read;
'...a deeply gifted writer with a brilliant -a very brilliant- future indeed.'
 'Suspenseful with a surprise ending...couldn't quit until I finished the book.'
'The best read ever. You will love it, as I did.'
'Loved the book...hated having to put it down.'
'Excellent read...well written.'
'Very suspenseful...great job!''
'Great book...thoroughly enjoyed it!'
'Mr. Parsons is a gifted writer who has an admirable command of language and sentence structure, making this a fascinating read.'
'I finished the book in three days...because I couldn't put it down!'
I particularly like the 'deeply gifted writer' bit!

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