NOBLE CAUSE Historical Romance by Jessica James

NOBLE CAUSE is Gone with the Wind, Cold Mountain and Pride and Prejudice, all rolled into one. As one book reviewer states, the main characters are like "a Virginian, Civil War-era Elizabeth and Mrs. Darcy, while another says, "I think it could have the impact of a Gone with the Wind."
You will laugh and you will cry in this epic Civil War romance that won the coveted John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction, among numerous other national literary awards.
Gallantry and chivalry are put to the test when Confederate Colonel Alexander Hunter discovers the woman he promised his dying brother he would protect is the Union spy he has vowed to his men he would destroy.
Here's what readers say:
 "What a wonderful, haunting, brilliant novel."
"This book is on my 'If I could only bring 3 books on a desert island when I am stranded' list. It is amazing, romantic, historically accurate, exciting, and so much more. If you love historical fiction, if you love the Civil War time period, if you love reading - READ THIS BOOK!"
"Let's say that I stayed up until 3:00 am reading this great book & then couldn't wait to get up this morning to finish it. It was absolutely fabulous!"
 "Loved it! Brought back memories of staying up all night reading 'Gone With The Wind' for the first time."
"Absolutely loved it. Completely engrossing! The main characters were so believable, I felt the pain, pride, poignancy of their every decision."
"Not since reading Gone With the Wind have I enjoyed a book so much!  Ms. James's impressive detailed dialogue, accurate historical descriptions and characters are unforgettable.

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