THE EXPERIENCES AND THOUGHTS OF A SIMPLE FREELANCE WRITER—an answer-questions booklet, by Gwen Bristol

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I thought, once my family and I moved cross-country, the article assignments I received would slow down. Surprisingly, that hasn't been the case, and although I'm leaning more toward fiction and blogging these days, I still have great clients and regular article requests.

What this means to me: the little booklet I wrote for friends and family members might be helpful for writers and readers who get as curious as I do about what goes on in other peoples' writing lives.

This booklet covers the following questions, from my point of view:

Why write?
Talents and skills freelance writers need to develop in order to be successful
My personal process for writing an article
Payment—when freelance writers get paid, how much they get paid
How to manage time, a home office and multiple writing projects—these ideas are listed separately, but freelance writers have to manage these things all at once.
Outlets for freelance writing—yes, there are outlets beyond newspapers and magazines. I have some limited experience in these fields, and there's room for expansion.
How to get freelance writing jobs—like most writing jobs, networking is definitely a key to success
While I'm sure other freelance writers have different experiences than I've had, I'm willing to share what I've learned.

It's hard work, and it's a constant learning curve.

It's fun even when it's hard.

It's worth it.

Please visit my blog site, I'm always happy to have comments, and I love talking about writing (of almost any kind) with other writers and readers. 

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