Parallel Lives--a science fiction novel by Lori Lucero

I am proud to announce the release of my first ebook, Parallel Lives,
a twist on a traditional time-travel story with an existential crisis
added to the mix. Who among us hasn't at some point wished we could
hit the "reset" button in our lives? What if you gained such an
opportunity, only to discover that most of your life history was
suddenly irrelevant?

If Jen can't get back to her usual self, she'll end up having to do
everything all over again. Jen is a thirty-seven-year-old
middle-school teacher in 2012. Overweight, underpaid, in debt, and
with a bitter divorce pending, Jen wants to start over.

Then Jen is hit by a car. When she awakens, she is a thirteen-year-old
kid with her same parents and siblings, but it is still 2012.
Initially Jen resists accepting her new reality, insisting that she is
thirty-seven years old. However, faced with the possibility of
confinement to a mental health ward, she is forced to play along.

Jen struggles to understand her situation. She jumps on every possible
source of information until she stumbles upon some discussions in
theoretical physics regarding parallel universes. Could this be what
happened to her? She contacts a quantum physics professor, who tells
her he can help her go "home", thus leaving her with a major decision.
Should she stay and relive the pain of adolescence, but have the
chance to make better life choices? Or should she return to her highly
flawed but familiar life?

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