The Light - a self-help book by Keidi Keating
Have you seen the Light?
The Light is about the triumph of the human spirit. Its more practical message is designed to empower readers to reveal the mysteries of the Inner Light via a series of universal truths. It also radiates a larger message – that we are all One and that by engaging in selfless service and working in unison we can achieve Greatness, not only for ourselves but also for the world. The goal is to raise at least one million dollars for our seven chosen beneficiary charities.

Pure, radiant and transformational in nature, The Light isn't just another self-help book. Behind the words and pages there is a beating heart and a vibrant soul. For those who are open, every page has the potential to illuminate the pathway to the ancient secret that has been hidden deep inside.

The Light showcases the wisdom of 22 contributors who have each had profound experiences of the Light. It is our intention that readers will also experience the Light and then they will radiate over everything they do and with everyone they meet, making this world a brighter place.

When you see the Light, your world will ignite!

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