Robbie Stories - Children’s Stories by Andreas Ceatos

Robbie Stories – Children's Stories of the Unexpected

Robbie's dad is a forester, who thinks what he can't see simply doesn't exist! There are no miracles, no elves, no giants, no dwarves and, of course, no Forest Fairy, either. Everything has its simple explanation and the world runs like clockwork.

This way of thinking doesn't make life very easy for him: his son, Robbie, often turns his down-to-earth world upside down. From time to time, strange things happen around the young boy. On one occasion, the garden suddenly turns into a lake, on another, Robbie, who is basically a skinny kid, rolls down the stairs, as fat as a pig.
To make things worse, if something unusual happens, Robbie immediately comes up with an explanation: A bag of walnuts disappeared? The elves have taken it as their commission. A corpulent guy pushes a wheelbarrow around in the yard? He is a giant who has come to collect his wage. But the rolling lake also deserves to be mentioned, which allegedly chased Robbie around – whose father, naturally, doesn't see any trace of the lake later.

And when Robbie walks around the forest in a spirited conversation with his blanket, his father slowly but surely comes to the conclusion that the child should be seen by a doctor. Luckily, the Forest Fairy always has a brainstorm in these situations – or Robbie's mom stands up from her armchair by the television to come to her son's rescue.

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