Step-by-Step Guide for Running a Retail Store Business - how to book for shop owners by Amy Galuszka


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Amy's guide to running a retail store is not an academic textbook you'd wade through in a college business course, but a "hands-on" and "how-to" book. It's written by somebody that's a "been there done that" person in a large retail chain and in small store operations. You get practical know-how from a gal who's been in the trenches and is street-smart.  If you're looking for business theory this is NOT the book for you.


Amy presents the information in a friendly but detail manner. You get a crash course in interviewing and managing staff the way the "big boys" do it but right-sized for a small business operation.  You get golden nugget sections like how to sift out the nightmare employee candidates from the ones that'll let you sit on the beach while they run things for you.  You get vital core checklists to get you operating smoothly along with sample store layout designs.


Repeat and satisfied customers keep you in business and go viral for you. Don't miss out reading the section on all about customers and knowing how to read their body language when they're in buying mode or just looking – knowing the difference is critical for your sales process.


What book on running a brick and motor shop wouldn't include marketing and advertising offline (it's included) – but nowadays also online? A bonus chapter covers local business website marketing and social media written by a local marketing expert.


This is a fast-paced easy-to-read book to get any retail shop owner on the path to increased profits by running a smooth operating store.

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