Save My Soul -- A Paranormal Romance novel by Zoe Winters

Free for a limited time only!

All he's asking for is her soul...

There is that one beautiful house you've always dreamed of owning. Maybe it's in the rich part of town. Maybe it's in the historic district. Maybe it's just a pretty cabin by the lake. It's the fantasy house. The one you'll buy when you're rich.

Anna Worthington is rich and determined to buy her fantasy house that just went up for sale.

Never mind that the house seems to be constantly on the market. Never mind the ghost stories or the screams the neighbors hear. It's the house. THE house. Nothing can stand her in way of having it. And ghosts? She's not a believer. Nor does she fear them.

But the dark being that haunts this house, is something far more sinister than a ghost. Luc is an ancient incubus, trapped by a fifty-year-old curse, and Anna is a temptation too sweet for any demon, let alone a practically starved and crazy one. Will she exorcise her house and live happily ever after with her cats, or will she fall prey to a dark lover who doesn't just want her body, but her soul as well?

If the demon has his way, dying will be her best case scenario.

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