The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene - A Modern Love Story by David Carter

"The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene" by David Carter


Gringo Greene is a modern man with a good job, plenty of cash in his pocket, and owns his own property, courtesy of his long gone grandmother.


He's also attractive to women, something that he foolishly takes for granted, and uses for his own ends, but there is something big missing in his life. He has never been in love.


But when one of his employees, a young woman he is particularly fond of, gives in her notice and leaves the engineering business, indeed leaves the country, Gringo is jolted into a series of frantic affairs that will change his life forever.


Margaret Henderson Smith, a novelist herself, wrote this of Gringo Greene:


"This has got to be one of the most fascinating books I have ever read for Carter has the knack of placing his reader in the thick of it."


And she went on to say:


"I found myself grateful for the sheer length of this chunky fun filled book because I never wanted to reach the end."


"The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene" took me more than five years to complete. When I first wrote the novel it ran to 575 pages, but with rigorous editing the final book came down to a more manageable 475 pages.


If nothing else, the reader is getting good value for their hard-earned buck. That's the idea.


There is humour in it, and seriousness too, but most of all I hope that you find it easy to read, and entertaining. That's the goal.


It was released in early 2013, and is now available as a paperback and on Kindle. You can read a decent excerpt if you want, on the Search Inside feature on Amazon.


"Within its genre, it's one of the best books I've ever read and it goes without saying I highly recommend it, without reservation…" is another comment from that review on Amazon, and one that I am very grateful for, and, it has to be said, extremely proud of.


This is not a chicklit novel, (indeed can a man write chicklit? Probably not!), but it is a modern day love story of a kind. It has been described in some places, as a slick-lit book, which I have to confess, is a new one on me.


This is my sixth book and I am already looking at the possibility of writing a sequel, though if I do, it will not take five years to complete, and that's a promise.


Thank you for looking at my page and at my scribblings too, wherever you may be, and thanks to Goodkindles for making this information available to the wider world.


More power to them, I say!

Have fun,

David Carter.


"The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene"

ISBN:  978-14811-21460

Available in paperback and on Kindle.

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