The Building of a Confident Man - Dating Advice for Men by Gregg Michaelsen

Hello readers! I want to suggest my book; The Building of a Confident Man to all my single and recently divorced guys out there. This book is really a pre-dating guide to boost your self-esteem BEFORE you get out there and get your butt kicked! Let's face it, it's a very different dating world today and to go it alone when you have pros in the house would be silly. I talk about some exciting stuff like a mid week regimen that my followers have found very helpful and a shocking way (literally) that will infuse confidence in you that you have NEVER heard of before! This takes about 2 hours.
I'm going to take that little voice that's inside every guy's head that says, "We can't get the girl", "we can't get the job" and "we look like crap in the mirror" and crush that little bugger! This will pave the path to a NEW you that will be primed to get out there on Saturday night and meet quality women.
And Ladies you will get the gift of more guys that "get it." The Building of a Confident Man is a short and fun read that has the POWER to bring positive success to your personal life as well as your dating life.
After  reading this book you will be ready for book 2 of my series, Hook Line & Date Her!

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