Promoting Unscramble Words For Fun And Knowledge Volume 1      

The free days are March 2 and 3 2013.

My book is "Unscramble Words For Fun And Knowledge Volume 1" A book about games and puzzles by JJM Games

I was looking for a fun educational book that the whole family can play.  It can be a great way to bring families together.

Playing word scramble games is a great way to exercise the mind. It has been shown that word scramble activities can assist children in developing their spelling and reading skills. When children exercise their brains they can learn new subjects. Unscrambling the letters and being able to make words out of them is educational, provides mental stimulation, and as lots of fun too!

The purpose of this fun but educational word scramble book is to help to teach children to identify different kinds of animals. from dogs and cats to farm animals, fish, frogs, horses and more.

All the jumbled words in each of the word scrambles are related to different types of animals. The purpose of the games is to choose from one of the theme sets such as cats, dogs, farm animals, fish, frogs, horses and dinosaur word scrambles

The word scramble games in 'Unscramble Words For Fun And Knowledge Volume 1' can provide parents
a great opportunity for their children to learn puzzle solving early on.  I has been shown that children have the abitity to learn new skills quickly.

People who love scrabble like word games should love this book.

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