The Fellation of Dewayne Williams - an erotica short story by Lefkin Romeo

Fellation Desires Episode One: "The Fellation of Dewayne Williams" is a
story about a man who is in a marriage with a sexual prude. Dewayne has
been married to his wife for eight years and has managed to keep is hot
fiery desires pinned up. He has buried himself in his work and given up
completely on having his wants and needs fulfilled by his wife Rose.
Through all of this, he was faithful but his spirit was crying out for
satisfaction. Be careful for what you wish for as the old saying goes.
Dewayne hires NeKole Couper to head up one of his departments.

He thought he was hiring just another employee until he found himself
incredibly attracted to her. NeKole has a unique bodily feature that
causes her to stand out and strongly appeals to Dewayne's inner most
desires. He fights an intense war inside himself for over a year until
the right set circumstances opened a door for Dewayne to take a
fantastic erotic journey with NeKole. The story is hot, steamy, and
passionate. But at the same time it contains real feelings and real
emotions. There is a surprise twist during the height of love making.
For those who go on to read this story, you may think that this surprise
is over the top or exaggerated but I have experienced it first hand for
myself. :)

This story has a LOT of me and my personal experiences tied up in it.
NeKole is a composite of the most sensual and erotic women that I ever
had the pleasure to be intimate with in my life. I've taken their best
qualities and rolled them into NeKole. Oh.... And about that "unique"
bodily feature? Yes there is someone that I actually know who has it.

What's so weird is our relationship is purely professional and I do not
know her on a personal (outside of the office) level. She has no ideal
that her physical features were used for NeKole nor does she realizes
what affect she has on me just by seeing her on a daily basis. But
that's a whole different story for another time. Essentially NeKole is
the so called "perfect" women, at least to Dewayne.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the story!


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