Australian short stories for boys (& girls) - juvenile fiction by Michael P Mardel

Ten adventure stories from the past, in the present, and in the future. Wherever you imagine a boy could be, that's where he is. Sometimes it's dangerous being at sea, other times the boy seeks shelter in a cave during a storm.  Another previous time is set in Ireland and his Australian ancestors. Then the hero is wheelchair bound and is besotted by a girl in a red dress. He wants to paint her and he writes his own story about a mermaid and a seahorse and how he is like a seahorse, only looking on. For tennis fans, there's a story in the future when there is no oil and Australian tennis players cannot join in. For dog lovers, there's a Dogalogue of a dog's trip up the coast of Australia in a caravan. The last story is about a boy who loses his father because he wasn't wearing his lucky white shirt.

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