The Fregoli Delusion - A Crime Fiction Novel by Michael J. McCann

What if the only eyewitness to a high-profile murder suffers from a rare psychotic disorder causing him to misidentify people? What if the person he saw fleeing the crime scene is also the object of his delusional paranoia? And what if you're Detective Karen Stainer and you're the only one who believes him?

This is the premise for the third novel in the Donaghue and Stainer crime fiction series that began with Blood Passage  and was followed by Marcie's Murder.

In this latest novel, Billionaire H.J. Jarrett has been shot to death on a bike path in the prestigious Granger Park neighborhood in Glendale, Maryland, and the chief of police has personally assigned Lieutenant Hank Donaghue to the case. As he and Stainer investigate the Jarrett homicide, they find themselves coming into conflict when Karen's in-your-face interrogation style starts to ruffle feathers. In a world where money and power buy privilege and influence, can Donaghue and Stainer run a proper murder investigation without interference to find their killer?

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